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Let’s Talk Origins

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My previous post on the controversy between Intelligent Design Creationsim and the Theory of Evolution had inspired me me to write an entry detailing the most distressing tragedy of the situation, namely the suppression of the truth about the origins of human life: Viral Descent.

Viral Descent, or VD, is the scientific theory which states that humans arose from viruses over a span of millions of years.  There is considerable fossil evidence indicating that the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was the result of a widespread viral epidemic, and it was this epidemic that birthed our species.

(Our earliest ancestor)

Much of modern life on this planet came into existence in this manner, but our ancestors were by far the most virulent.  We replicated and spread first through the bite of mosquitoes and other small insects, and later via the dinosaurs’ most fundamental biological function: sexual reproduction (though some researchers argue that our ancestors were airborne, which could explain why certain water-based dinosaurs survived to this day in lakes and lochs around the world).  In the 10% of the dinosaur population that did not die out from the disease, the mutagenic process that followed gradually replaced the survivors with a new species: modern humans.

 The Theory of Viral Descent first came to light in the late 1970s, when the Illuminati enlisted the aid of medical researcher Robert Gallo to study samples of blood found in the stomachs of mosquitoes that had been trapped in amber — fossilized tree sap — for millions of years.  This blood contained a virus, which they labelled the “Human Advancement Virus”, that bore startling similarities to our own DNA.  No exact matches, of course, but all the building blocks for our species existed within the virus.  The research had the potential to change our understanding of our place in the world entirely, but the Illuminati had darker plans for this knowledge.

(The virus being extracted from
a mosquito trapped in amber)

Although they had already been experimenting with the virus in human subjects since the mid-1950s in Africa, it was not until Elvis came to power that the viral research program became a bioweapon program, and the virus took a new name: the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.  Gallo, along with French virologist  Luc Montagnier, kept the public misinformed on the true nature of the virus as it spread far more quickly than any of the scientists involved had anticipated.

The Theory of Viral Descent answers questions that most people do not want answered.  It paints a picture of our origins that is far less glamorous and far more sinister than either mainstream alternative.  But the truth is far more important than any comfort or pride a lie provides.  Accepting reality is our only chance to rise above our destructive beginnings and defeat the looming threat of the Illuminati’s complete conquest.


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