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G.I. Blues

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In March of 1958, Elvis began his Army training in Texas, and he refused any special treatment from his peers and superiors due to either his celebrity or his history with the Illuminati.  Though concerned about the impact his service might have on his career, Elvis soon grew accustomed to his new life.  That following summer, however, his world was shattered when his mother passed away, allegedly as a result of hepatitis.  Shortly thereafter, he received a letter from President Dwight D. Eisenhower, offering to release him from his military service in exchange for pledging allegiance to the Illuminati.  Elvis, suspicious about the timing of the offer, turned the President down and soon received his first posting: West Germany.

Elvis in the Army
(Elvis in uniform)

The following February, three Freemason entertainers — Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper — died in a plane crash masterminded by the Illuminati in an effort to intimidate Elvis into reconsidering.  Elvis, again, declined.  It was during this time, also, that Elvis met a teenaged Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, who would later become his wife.  There is a great deal of debate as to which side, if either, she belonged.  This meeting, however, was not the most significant event during Elvis’ stay in Germany.

A Few Of The Many
(A few of the Illuminati’s
many victims)

Around Christmas time in 1959, Elvis received a letter from J. Edgar Hoover, the first contact he’d had with the Freemason operative in years.   This letter related a seemingly fantastical story about Nazi cloning experiments and the one successful birth in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Elvis might have dismissed the tale entirely, but for one startling historical fact: when Adolf Hitler was a young man, his mother passed away from cancer, changing his life profoundly.  And now Elvis, too, found himself motherless at a young age, only a few years older than Hitler was at the time of his mother’s death. Hoover insisted that this was no mere coincidence: Gladys Presley was murdered by the Illuminati. The young rock star became determined to seek revenge.

In February of 1960, Elvis sent word to the Illuminati that he wished to reconsider their offer and join them officially.  He was home and honorably discharged from the military by March.  He returned to the recording studios, churning out several of his biggest hits, and resumed his training at the Bohemian Grove to take his place among the Enlightened Elite.  Meanwhile, he secretly began working with Hoover as a double agent for the Freemasons.

The next ten years would be a violent period in the life of the King, though naught but a select few know the full extent of it today.


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Into The Light

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(First post of 2008. Let us hope this year finally brings us the freedom for which we fight.)

For billions of years, the sun has been our planet’s primary source of illumination, and it is this powerful entity that the Illuminati, a secret society that diverged from Freemasonry in the 18th century, reveres most of all (with the exclusion of the human intellect).  So it is no surprise that they name many of their front organizations after this celestial body, such as Sun Microsystems, Sun Oil Company, The Phoenix Suns, The New York Sun, the Chicago Sun-Times, and practically every other newspaper bearing the word “sun” in its name.

So, in 1952, when Majestic 12 began hearing rumors that the mysterious boy from Mississippi that they sought had taken an interest in music, they founded a record label in Memphis called Sun Records, and waited for their target to come to them.  Sam Phillips, the youngest member of MJ-12, was placed in charge of the company, and less than a year and a half later, in the summer of 1953, eighteen-year-old Elvis Presley showed up to make his very first recording.  It was immediately obvious to Majestic 12 that this was the boy on whom the Freemasons had been so focused, and a search of Nazi records seized from Berlin in 1945 revealed the truth about his heritage.

Sun Records Label
(Sun Records Label: Notice the rooster,
another Illuminati symbol)

In between recordings over the following two years, Elvis spent time among the most powerful Illuminati at the Bohemian Grove, their private campground and education center.  There he learned the goals and values of the Illuminati, their plans for broadening their control over world affairs, and their long-standing rivalry with the Freemasons.  The two secret societies actually share much in common, but differ mainly in issues such as the distribution of power and the rights of the average citizen. 

Bohemian Grove Ritual
(A ritual taking place at the Bohemian Grove)

Elvis made many allies in the Illuminati, including manager Tom Parker, but in 1956 he decided to split with Sun Records and sign on with the Freemason-affiliated RCA Victor Records.  He carried the ideals of both the Freemasons and the Illuminati with him in his rapid rise to stardom, but he refrained from pledging allegiance to either society.  It was because of this neutrality, perhaps, that his draft notice was not intercepted by any of the Illuminati in government when his name came up to be conscripted.  And so, in the spring of 1958, Elvis Presley entered the U.S. Army, an experience that would change his life forever.

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