Elvis Presley: The Truth Behind The Legend

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Architects of the Future

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During the early 1940s, the Freemasons were the first to learn about the true nature of Elvis’ conception.  While their rival secret society, the Illuminati, was busy developing experimental technology in Groom Lake, Nevada, the Freemasons took on the task of grooming young Elvis Presley into the ideal leader of the coming generation, hoping to reproduce his progenitor’s charisma and persuasiveness. 

J. Edgar Hoover
(J. Edgar Hoover) 

J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director and high-level Mason, spearheaded the program, and put personal effort in the raising of the boy.  Elvis, who was bullied by other schoolchildren, was greatly impressed Hoover’s lessons about justice and power and creating a better world.  Gladys Presley, however, encouraged in young Elvis an interest in music and performing.  A famous anecdote tells of Gladys buying Elvis a guitar in 1946 when he originally wanted a rifle.  This marked the beginning of the schism between the Presley family and the Freemasons.

Meanwhile, Freemason and US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died in 1945 (allegedly of natural causes) after serving twelve years in office, and was replaced by his Vice President, Harry S. Truman.  Although Truman was commonly known to have been a Grand Master in the Missouri Grand Lodge of Freemasonry, few are aware that he defected to the Illuminati shortly before the death of his predecessor.  During this transition, Truman heard rumors of a secret Freemason project involving a young boy in Mississippi, and, in 1947, formed the secret cabal known as Majestic 12 to find out more about the mysterious plot. 

Truman and Roosevelt
(Truman and Roosevelt in 1945)

Fearing that the Illuminati might take control of his prized – but currently estranged – pupil like they did the White House, Hoover had the Presleys relocated to Memphis, Tennessee in 1948 (using Elvis’ father’s legal problems to encourage them), and severed contact with the now teenaged Elvis to keep him safe.  (Some speculate that Hoover’s interest in the boy went beyond his mission, but such statements are, at this point, purely rumors.)

Without his tutor to guide him, Elvis became more focused on his music, remaining very much a quiet and shy boy, with a deep attachment to his mother (these are but a few of the many similarities between Elvis and the source of his DNA).  With World War II over and the Freemasons out of his life, Elvis seemed to be on the path to a normal life, but fate had a different plan for him….


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  1. I don’t believe a word I’m reading…what is wrong with you people? Why try and run Elvis down after all he has done for the music world? Come on..I could write something as unbelieveable as this if I wanted to …..I will always honor Elvis and love and respect him for who he really was…..I do wish I could have met him in person, as he was looking for certain answers, which I’m sure you’ll claim you know, and I have the answers for him. If you want to write stupid things like this, write them about his ex wife…..now there is the true weirdo, not Elvis..If she loved him like she claims, she never would have left him no matter what he did. Also she wouldn’t have written that stupid book she did that was full of lies about Elvis.. Elvis never raped her like she claimed….HE NEVER TREATED A WOMAN LIKE THAT! Elvis never got to really enjoy being Elvis and that’s sad, But to write such garbage as you have it even sadder…I hope you don’t think any one that loves Elvis would ever believe this…


    September 15, 2008 at 11:40 pm

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