Elvis Presley: The Truth Behind The Legend

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The Secret Origins of Elvis

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In 1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.  The following summer, Germany’s President died, and Hilter took his place, declaring himself the Fuhrer and ushering in the beginning of the Third Reich.  Several months later, a poor couple in Tupelo, Mississippi, ushered a child into this world who would go on to become one of the most famous most rock and roll legends of all time.  What do these events have in common?  More than you might expect.

Baby Elvis With “Parents”
(The Presley Family)

Popular knowledge would have us believe that infamous Nazi Scientist Josef Mengele began his career of human experimentation in the 1940s at Auschwitz, but in truth it began much earlier.  While studying medicine at the University of Munich in the early 1930s, he became involved with a top secret project for the ambitious Hitler, a project which would plant the seeds for Hitler’s dreams of world conquest.  The concept of this project will be familiar to anyone who has seen the classic biopic The Boys From Brazil, which dramatized Mengele’s later attempts to recreate the project.

The original project, however, was largely a failure.  99% of the clone embryos, implanted into various women across America, did not come to term.  The sole exception was one embryo, carried by Gladys Presley, which divided into twins while in the womb.  The first twin (named Jesse Garon) was stillborn, but the other survived, and was given the name Elvis Aron Presley.  This outcome would also fuel Mengele’s later obsession with twins during his “Angel of Death” period.

Baby Hitler
(Compare: Baby Hitler)

Soon, however, Mengele returned to university to complete his doctorates, and the pressure of being Fuhrer took its toll on Hitler, so the cloning project was swept under the rug and forgotten.  The repercussions of the plot, however, run far deeper than most of us would ever suspect.  In my next entry, God willing, I shall expose the shocking truths of Elvis Presley’s childhood upbringing.



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November 2, 2007 at 6:03 pm

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  1. ADD me to your mailing list, quite interesting…


    February 23, 2010 at 8:30 am

    • Karen, my email is lovemetender1955@gma.com, when you read how bad others have mocked me please keep in mind my search for my father started in 1980 when my son was born, I was elated when I found my mother with Elvis in the 2010 Life magazine, it’s listed as hysterical fan grabbing Elvis Presley’s pants leg, then click on to Miami Beach 411, scroll till you are him on stage only one woman hands on his pants is my mother. Elvis said he is a hillbilly and he is related to the McCoys and Hatfields. In my Consolidated Coal minning paperwork where all heirs are listed to recieve profits ( very few have) all my relatives are listed, I am from Woodrow Wilson Mcothlin’s bloodline, the Jackson’s, Robinson’s, Harvey (Harv) Jackson, and Julia McGlothlin are my great grand parents of W. V., so somehow Elvis is job to me. Mother said my father had blue eyes, the Narcotic officer is with Brown eyes, so maybe the book DEAD Elvis that speaks bad against Gladys the story may be true, that she went south and got with a black man, yes India (indian) men look very dark, but Indaian is not afro-american, nor nigro, and think of this why out of all the singer’s we know of how many are narcotic officers, is Elvis’s real father the india man, was Gladys already married to Vernon at time of conception, maybe this is why Elvis became a norcotics officer? I had my DNA done, 98 percent European, Indian (india), and Italian. I still waiting on the other 2 percent. I am old school, 63 years old, I ‘ve been mocked for my texting, and I’d the FIB had told me the truth I’d not made a fool of myself on internet, many people very important has come to me for one is Sally Abney Rose came to me in 1978, wanted me to talk to her, but Berths or Bula would not let me when I went to get mansion on Clemson Blvd., in Anderson, SC, come to find out in my DNA in the Abner side she is related to me and Colonel Guessing who is really Colonel Tom Parker. We’ll John (Richard) Buck Fulp use to fly and get Elvis bring him back to his grandmother’s mansion for the cotton tycoon meetings, see if you go to Erskin College in Honepath, going Due West in S.C. go to the Presbyterian church you will see my name Robinson, the Presleys, the Kennedys ( yes the extension of JFK’s family) and the Smith’s are buried there. No-one believes unroll they do the research I’ve done. One more thing I tired of texting look up Dr. Ebinezer Erskin Presley he was the founder of the College, 3 generation of Presleys their photos in the church. My mothers profits was kept from her off the coal mines, that’s why I have the list of heirs. One person said I was calling myself an heiress no in a will you are an heir. What’s crazy is you get to get people to be happy for me but what it’s all been about is his norcotics job is why he sought out so many women fooled them into thinking he cared for them and all he did was using them as bait to get near the drug people. Drugs and women play and in hand. I had a secret service said the reason I have suffered so much the secret service doesn’t want anyone messing in their business. They all now know I have told the truth how else could I have that name. 36 years I’ve suffered at the hands of the Secret Service not letting me know.

      Janet brown

      May 16, 2017 at 6:40 am

  2. would like to know more please 🙂


    January 24, 2012 at 7:28 pm

  3. Outstanding. I agree.

    Contact us

    February 12, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    • Wow I suspected the Illuminati my have been the ones who sent 3 books to me last one had a threat for I have searched for details about my father Richard (dick) Donovan who served with Colonel Keesler not knowing till 2011 that alias name was Elvis, my father may be dead now but the documents I have proves he lived past 1977, I started my search in 1980 and I have never stopped. When I said I believed my grandfather looked like Adolf Hitler and that I suspected that Elvis was the man I was seeking, next I read that cryogenics and cloning with Hitlers blood and Elvis’s blood to make a new Elvis Presley well I’m OK with advancement of science, no matter I still would love to meet anyone or any person who looked like my father. Janet Brown, 138 Wellington St., Anderson, S.C.,29624, the government has to realize that the public will know he is not the real Elvis, so help others to know the truth so people who wants to donate a family members cells can do so, opening the eyes to science for the public can be better than for it to look like murder of famous people or say someone who is extremely smart and scientist wants to have actress or actors or singers for them to look like famous people to carry one a very expensive bloodline for the good of the government, I believe you’d have people all over the world donating without secrets that if found out about causes people to get killed come on! So since I claim Elvis to be my father me being his first born am I watched? Reading this has made me realize more, I read once that Hitler tried cloning ape like creatures and there is a family that lives to date from the ape child. If I could prove Elvis was my father look at all the science places I could donate money to to help the creatures developed from those researches and other things, instead of attacking me every year with wrecks let me help.

      Jannette Brown

      May 9, 2015 at 6:08 pm

  4. I forgot to mention that I dated (era 1971 or 72) a man who was in the Army in Munich, Germany as a M.P. when he came home we dated again, this was when there was a terrorist attack during the Olympics I always felt that there may be a cover up about that, and that was what they fed to the public. Mike Brandon he would be a little older than I probably age 61 or 63 by now he lives in Greenville, SC near Berea High SChool.

    Jannette Brown

    May 9, 2015 at 6:28 pm

  5. Are you retarded or just that stupid? I have never seen such poorly put together language. At best this is a stupid fiction and Jannette, your feeble attempt at putting thought to pen is that of a 6th grader and that benefits no one on God’s green earth. You are living in a fantasy and you are in need of dementia medication.

    Dana Bufis

    May 16, 2015 at 12:34 pm


      Carolyn Mittag

      July 15, 2016 at 10:29 pm

  6. No wonder I Janet Brown had to get the federal building in greenville, sc to help stop the hell I’ve suffered to know the truth about Richard Charles Donovan who elvis used the R. Donovan name too, I have relatives that match to his with the consolidated Coal minning business muCous and hatfields my closest relatives are the Jackson’s, robinsons, hales, van dukes mcglothlins etc.. funny 1980 I started my search and almost got killed to find out I’m Nazi blood line so is Lisa my sister, I suspected it when my son brought it to my attention that my grand father Ira F. Robinson was identical to Hitler well we all in the US have some German mine is German Dutch Irish Cherokee other stuff I’m yet to learn well anyone who wants to aid in my learning why I had to suffer to know my father please send letter to 138 Wellington St., Anderson, SC 29624 to Janet Robinson Brown maybe now we will understand about the Olympics in Munich Germany year around 1972 or 1973 I wondered why a German good looking man sought me out when I was about 17 he was MP in Munich at that time when that went down leaves me wondering was it a cover up for important dignitaries so all was well guarded by even our military. S.S. agent talked tiny man he said my suffering was that S.S. did not want me to know their business, but you see I was a child trying to find her Dadee. GOD bless all who search for a family member won’t suffer what I’ve gone through. Amen

    Janet brown

    February 28, 2017 at 1:04 am

  7. Funny how the name Richard Donovan caused me so many problems, out of all the crazy names Elvis used was that name also, my mother pictured with him (hysterical fan grabbing Elvis Presley’s pants leg, click on Miami Beach 411) it’s listed like that in the 2010 magazine. I know him as he is now Alfred B. Robinson he use to own Robinson’s funeral home, he now with wife Margo Mauldin Robinson runs Robinson’s clothing store next plaza across from the funeral home, he is really Jesse, he is taller than his brother Elvis sho is William A. Robinson, William was a graduate at Clemson University, Clemson, SC in 1948 in horticulture, I’ve not found where William got his law degree. William is retired his son Jimmy runs the law firm now, both men attend the Presbyterian church behind the funeral home, Masonic lodge across the railroad tracks in Easley, SC are all these places. Go meet William his every word his lip cocks up, his eyes are like blue green, all I can say about his eyes is its possible as Elvis he wore contacts to give a more blue contrast. But a Elvis calander pay attention to the chicken pox scar above the left eye, then you will notice in others the pox is not there, notice a boxer facial look on one, the only other person I’ve noticed with a chicken pox scar is Johnny Cash in the same spot. Funny how all involved with Elvis had a photo crime shot made. Wonder if the twin was Johnny Cash, but that doesn’t explain the dates and times of photos of cash with first wife, maybe the youthful photos was before Cash may have changed his looks, it’s the chicken pox scar that makes me think cash is really one of the presleys, funny how the story said one died at birth. Get any calander from way back pay attention to the pox scar. Both boys had photos made, only one has a scar, other photos show an Elvis without the scar.

    Janet brown

    May 16, 2017 at 4:17 am

    • wow! Very interesting Janet! I’m not here to make fun of you. I have started researching Elvis a couple of weeks ago, and at present I’m working on his family tree. There seems to be “so many family secrets within this family!” The more I research the more I go down into the rabbit hole! I first saw you in a you tube video when you were talking about who your Daddy is. This website happened to come up when I was researching. I have to say, it sounds quite amazing, and anything is possible in this world. If I can assist you in anyway, please let me know. I find all this to be the greatest intriguing story.


      June 7, 2017 at 3:38 am

      • Patty, If you would ever want to fly to South Carolina and go to that JW Kingdom Hall that Elvis AKA Richard Dick Donovan attends let me know and I will go with you. You can friend me at Nancy O’Brien Simpson on Facebook. Janet, if you see this please friend me also.

        Nancy O'Brien Simpson

        June 23, 2017 at 9:44 pm

  8. Florence Juanita Sharp Clark said July 1956 heard Elvis on radio and she was
    curious what this man looked like.I went to Overton park ,went to Leonards
    drive in ,did fun things that teenagers do.I spent most of my time at graceland
    as a teen.That as a teen she often hung out at the gates of Graceland (watch elvis)and
    eventually met Elvis and joined his entourage on trips ,to the movies, fairgrounds,ETC
    and to the skating rink (other places).Florence Juanita Sharp Clark said :In Summer
    (june-July-Aug) SophomoreYear we moved across town to another trailer park on Highway 51.
    so which happened to be between whitehaven High school and graceland(4851 Elvis Presley
    blvd -hwy51- Whitehaven Memphis) and Graceland 3764 – 3800 Elvis Presley
    blvd )at that time it was rural area.(walkdistance)Graceland was wayout in suburb (whitehaven
    Memphis )on a narrow 2 lane highway 51.(south).In meantime my older brother
    __ came to live with us (stepfather Grady /Mother) in that trailer hwy51. My
    brother became friends with Travis Smith son Billy Smith,(Elvis Cousin) We used to go
    to Travis Smith (Gladys Presley brother) white house on grounds Graceland.
    We used to have dinner (Supper) with them.That how i got to know Travis
    Smith (graceland gate keeper and with Vernon presley Parchman prison )
    (1938-1940)Billy Smith Said vernon presley forged Orville Bean check..Lamar Fike said
    Vernon Presley thought he was a great stud ,Elvis (presley) used to say that
    Vernon knew when Elvis was conceived because afterwards He (vernon) black out.
    Billy Smith said “Our family has always been little unusual.Memphis trailer courts
    -1.Edgewood mobile homes 2911 Elvis presley blvd Memphis ,Wheel Estate Mobile
    Home Park 1520 E Brook Rd Memphis (whitehaven Tn) ,Lawsons 1145 E. Brook Rd
    Memphis (whitehaven) Tennessee.Elvis Memphis Mafia entourage partied played wild pranks .
    Billy Smith could clear up Florence Sharp clark story?


    August 2, 2017 at 8:44 am

    • I am the sister of Florence Sharp Clark.. don”t know what Billy Smith is referring to, but yes Florence and I too use to go to Graceland in 1958 and thereafter, My brother Billy met his wife Pat while visiting Graceland. I don’t know if this system will take my comments due to being hacked, I am left without an e-mail address. Guess will need to get one and come back to this sight. Kim Garrett

      Kim Garrett

      December 31, 2017 at 12:37 am

  9. has anyone heard any more from Janet Brown? I tried to email her but it was not a good email addy.

    Patty Mason

    April 7, 2018 at 7:57 am

  10. San Diego homeless Jesse died 2015 under overpass and Billy Smith said this 2017.
    Billy Smith said :This question,is Elvis still alive.well,I mean,let me say this, How this got started.
    Well, we (elvis /I } actually talked , about it one night,Of Elvis changing places, He was showing me picture,Of himself ,and He said Does this look like me,and I (billySmith} Yeah,and He said, well ,it’s not.He said this guy had a facelift to look like me.Billy Smith ,I said Elvis ,now you can fool a lot of thepeople ,I said, but that not you ,that’s not you.That’s somebody else.and He (Elvis) Said, You know,
    I could Swap places with this person ,and nobody’d everknow the difference,I (billy smith) said ,Again you know,I know,this picture of you and not somebody else. Well,that’s led on ,I wanted never thought about it again ,Until After Elvis was dead ,and many years ,I (billy smith)I would always heard these fans saying is Elvis still alive?and so and sightings,and all this ,So I thought, well you , people are holdon to that ,So make this story up,Me (Billy Smith } and Marty Lacker , and it was supposed,to be ,you know, that Elvis swapped places, with this guy,who had _and was dying,and Elvis hid him in the attic,until for the time,for him to die,He had facelift,to look like Elvis,naturally Elvis, wasn’t going change his looks,(laugh)So this guy had to look like him (Elvis Presley).This story came out ah was but like i said, it was Supposed to be just kind of a joke but English paper,picked it up ,and they wrote it as a factual story, and duh,of course I’ve heard this over the years ,now I’ve decided,well,you know,this time, to get this all cleared up ,because,this is just not right,I never meant for this story to mislead,anybody, or Hurt anybody,in any kind of way, so here’s the truth, Elvis died, August 16,1977 one of the hardest days,of my life, and I can trufully say He’s gone and we can’t bring him (elvis) back.so for all those out there, that asked,that question ,always heard the little story,and took me serious,and i was not serious,that was all supposed to be just in fun.And i want to tell you now it hurts it still hurts,but he’s gone.(so Billy play a practical joke which way did it go ? Did it show Billy can tell whooper?)


    April 14, 2018 at 5:07 am

  11. Billy Smith said :”that guy looks like he had a facelift. “a.Billy Smith said that Elvis had a nose job in 1957/8.b.Billy Smith said Elvis had a face-lift 1975.
    Billy Smith Said:” Marty Lacker and I made up the story of Elvis trade places with another guy and Run off with Maria “.
    Marty Lacker said “Billy Smith spread rumors because Vernon Presley asked him too.”
    Billy Smith said ” Elvis had rule because of common law marriage -5 yr – he only stuck with a woman for 5yrs.”
    Billy Smith said” Elvis never wanted to get married but Priscilla was special case.”
    Marty Lacker Said:” Elvis used to let the girls at the gate come in and party with us”.
    Kim Garrett said her brother Billy and Sister Florence Sharp Clark used to hang out Graceland Gates and friends with Smith Family also knew Elvis. Florence Sharp Clark admit she ate at the Smith family white house on land of Graceland in Memphis Tenn.
    Eliz Tiffin Presley claim that her father was Elvis or Vernon. Did Florence tell Eliz that she partied with Elvis ,Memphis mafia boys & Vernon & Smith’s ?In 1962 Florence moved from Memphis to Texas as she was pregnant to adopt the baby out then she moved on up to Oregon and Washington state. (so who is Eliz father?)would the _ _ _ _ _ Inc not want her to know?


    April 17, 2018 at 2:57 am

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