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The Secret Origins of Elvis

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In 1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.  The following summer, Germany’s President died, and Hilter took his place, declaring himself the Fuhrer and ushering in the beginning of the Third Reich.  Several months later, a poor couple in Tupelo, Mississippi, ushered a child into this world who would go on to become one of the most famous most rock and roll legends of all time.  What do these events have in common?  More than you might expect.

Baby Elvis With “Parents”
(The Presley Family)

Popular knowledge would have us believe that infamous Nazi Scientist Josef Mengele began his career of human experimentation in the 1940s at Auschwitz, but in truth it began much earlier.  While studying medicine at the University of Munich in the early 1930s, he became involved with a top secret project for the ambitious Hitler, a project which would plant the seeds for Hitler’s dreams of world conquest.  The concept of this project will be familiar to anyone who has seen the classic biopic The Boys From Brazil, which dramatized Mengele’s later attempts to recreate the project.

The original project, however, was largely a failure.  99% of the clone embryos, implanted into various women across America, did not come to term.  The sole exception was one embryo, carried by Gladys Presley, which divided into twins while in the womb.  The first twin (named Jesse Garon) was stillborn, but the other survived, and was given the name Elvis Aron Presley.  This outcome would also fuel Mengele’s later obsession with twins during his “Angel of Death” period.

Baby Hitler
(Compare: Baby Hitler)

Soon, however, Mengele returned to university to complete his doctorates, and the pressure of being Fuhrer took its toll on Hitler, so the cloning project was swept under the rug and forgotten.  The repercussions of the plot, however, run far deeper than most of us would ever suspect.  In my next entry, God willing, I shall expose the shocking truths of Elvis Presley’s childhood upbringing.



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